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for the workers' comp community in California.    
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About Us

The Workers' Comp Executive, since 1991, has been and remains the journal of record for the workers' comp industry in California. Covering the multi-billion dollar workers' compensation industry with depth and perspective, the Workers' Comp Executive provides not only news you can use but original news content that can't be found from other sources.

All original content is written by professional journalists who cover workers' comp and occupational safety exclusively. Correspondents are located in Sacramento, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The Executive has several features both in print and on-line.

  • The Premium edition is published 22 times per year. The price is $474 annually for individual subscribers and is also available as a site license. Click here to subscribe.
  • Annually the Executive provide a recap of specific carriers' IRIS ratios along with a complete explanation of what each ratio means.

  • Quarterly we provide statistical data for the leading carriers in California which provide useable industry results in an easy to understand format.

  • Resources is an online section provides the original documents upon which news is based such as court filings, major decisions and rate filings.

  • FLASH Reports are emailed as news happens and cover major breaking news in California workers' comp. Available free click here.

  • News Digests are emails free on a daily basis and cover workers' comp news from around the nation and world. Click here to subscribe to the Daily News Digest.

  • PUBLIUS provide insider commentary from a collaborative group of workers' compensation experts who are active in the legislative, business and other aspects of the California workers' compensation system.