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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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OSIP Chart Shows Deficits At Self-Insured Groups

A new report by the Office of Self-Insured Plans shows that nearly half of the state’s self-insured groups (SIGs) are underfunded. Who’s running a deficit? Click here for the full chart.

Public Self-Insureds 2009-2010 Result

The Office of Self-Insured Plans released the fiscal year 2009-2010 claims experience for the state’s public sector self-insured employers. Click here for the data.

OSIP Puts SIGs On Notice

The Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP) is giving a friendly reminder to the employers who serve as board members to a self-insured group (SIG) of their responsibilities. Click here for the letter.

Public Agencies Workers' Comp Liabilities Increase

The annual tally of what public agencies are paying for workers' comp claims is in and their total liabilities are up once again. Click here to access the raw numbers.

OSIP Proposes Updated SIG Rules

The state is moving to implement the rule changes governing self-insured groups required by the passage of SB 863. Click here to read the full text of the proposal.   

SIGs Aggregate Financials Released

New data from the Office of Self Insurance Plans shows that a handful of self-insured groups are significantly behind on their security deposit. What's the financial state of the SIG industry? Click here for the report. 

Self-Insureds’ 2014 Workers' Comp Costs

The annual report on private self-insured employers’ workers’ comp costs is out. Click here for the report. 

Proposed Self-Insurance Regulations

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans is proposing a major rewrite of the self-insurance regulations. Get the full text of the proposal here.

Farm Labor Contractors Keep Self-Insurance Certs

A state administrative law judge says three farm labor contractors can remain self-insured. Read the full opinion by clicking here.

Private Self-Insured Totals 2015

OSIP’s annual report on the workers’ compensation costs paid by privately self-insured employers is out for 2015. Get the full report by clicking here. 

Updated Self-Insurance Regulations Proposed

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans is circulating an updated draft of regulations for self-insured entities. Get the full text by clicking here. 

Final Self-Insurance Rule Update Proposed

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans submitted final proposed regulations to the Office of Administrative Law. Click here for the final proposed text.

OAL Denies Self-Insurance Regulation

The Department of Industrial Relations still has work to do on one piece of its self-insurance regulatory package. Click here to read why the Office of Administrative Law rejected a proposed regulation and what DIR has to do to fix it.