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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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H.R. 635: National Commission on State Workers’ Compensation Laws Act of 2009

Sen. Joe Baca (D-California) has introduced a bill to evaluate state workers’ comp systems. Find out what the bill requires.

New Compound Drug Bill

New legislation tries to control the proliferation of compound medications.

Vermont Single Payer Bill

Legislatorys in Vermont introduced H.202 to implement Gov. Shumlin's promise to create a single-payer health care system that could include workers' comp.

SB 810 Reintroduced To Create Single Payer System

Sen. Mark Leno is trying again to create a single-payer health care system in California that could ultimately include workers' comp.

Overview Of Workers' Comp Reform Provisions

This analysis outlines the main provisions that are included in the proposed workers' comp reform deal negotiated by big labor and big business. Click here for the details.

Proposed Text Of Workers' Comp Reform Bill

Here's the full text of the proposed legislative language for the workers' comp reform deal that big business and big labor negotiated. Click here for the full text.

Review Documents Potential Savings From Reforms

Proposals to cut key cost drivers from the workers' comp system are penciled out in this report by Bickmore Risk Services. Click here for the full report.

Proposed Reform Provisions By Subject

This outline by the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation breaks the workers' comp reform proposals down by subject. Click here for the full chart.

Workers' Comp Reform Proponents Amend SB 863
Formal text has been introduced to reform California's workers' comp system. Click here for the official proposal.
SB 863 Amended To Add $120M Return-To-Work Program

Last minute amendments were added to SB 863 in a bid to get the bill passed before the session ends. Click here to read the full text of the changes.

Federal PEO Certification Bill

A new federal bill would clarify the tax obligations of professional employer organizations and their employer clients. Click here to read the bill by Sens. Charles Grassely (R-IA) and Bill Nelson (D-FL).

IRS Proposes PEO Regulations

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing regulations that have tax implications for professional employer organizations (PEOs) and their employer clients. Click here to read the proposal and comment on the regulations.

Assembly Bill Would Extend Workers’ Comp Liability To Temp Workers

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina) is proposing to make employers who use temporary workers liable for workers’ compensation benefits if the labor contractor fails to have coverage. Click here for the amended bill.

Employers Liable For Labor Contractors

Organized labor won a pitched battle to make most employers liable for the wage, safety and workers' comp violations committed by their labor contractors. Click here to read the full text of the legislation.   

Bill Would Shift Claims To CIGA

A legislative effort is underway to shift some public entity claims to the California Insurance Guarantee Association. Click here for the text of SB 604. 

Legislation Would Create Workers’ Comp Formulary

Assemblyman Henry Perea is carrying AB 1124 to create a prescription drug formulary for the workers’ comp system. Click here for the text of the bill.

Legislation Would Block Proposed QME Panel Change

dical specialists are backing legislation to block a proposed change to the QME panel process. Click here for the text of AB 1542. 

Prescription Drug Formulary Bill Chaptered

Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1124 into law creating a workers’ comp drug formulary. Get the full text of the final legislation by clicking here.

Final Legislation On Pay Rules For Piece-Rate Workers

Gov. Brown signed legislation changing the pay rules for workers on piece-rate pay structures. Get the final terms of the legislation by clicking here. 

SB 563 Amended To Cover UR Contracts

Sen. Richard Pan reworked SB 563 to cover financial incentives in utilization review contracts. Get the full text here.

Terrorism Bill For Workers' Comp

AB 44 portends to remove terrorism related claims from the UR and IMR process, but actually would do a lot more than that. Get the full text of the original proposal by clicking here.