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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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CHSWC Releases Comparison Matrix
The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation has released a matrix comparing the governor's bill -- sponsored by Assemblyman Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria and Sen. Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno - with both the Labor and Garamendi proposals.
Strains, Sprains And Automobiles
Whiplash and crushed metal doesn't begin to scratch the surface when it comes to explaining the ramifications of work-place motor vehicle accidents. A report by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. delves into the issues of subrogation, injury severity and attorney involvement with raw data that's hard to ignore.
Crash Crash, Bang Bang
A fresh look at the impact of on-the-job auto accidents on the workers' compensation industry offers some surprising insight and serves as a reminder that no carrier is immune to this risk. So just how much are accidents costing? Sources say it's far less now than it will be in the future, find out why inside...
Obesity – A Heavy Burden For Employers, Insurers To Bear
Obesity causes enough medical problems on its own, but when work-related injuries occur, the issues are magnified. In a study recently published by Duke University, researchers outline just how serious an impact our growing waist lines are having on California's workers' compensation system -- the numbers are more surprising than you might think.
DWC Releases Lewin Group Study
New study discusses application of an RBRVS system for California workers' comp
DWC Releases Updated RBRVS Study

The Lewin Group updates its study for moving California’s workers' comp system over to Medicare’s physician payment scheme.

Study Finds Rampant Employer Premium Fraud

An updated study on employer premium fraud for the California Fraud Assessment Commission finds a correlation to workers' comp premium levels, but says it is still widespread in good times and bad. 

Summary of 1972 National Commission on State Workmen’s Compensation Laws

The last time state workers’ comp systems were evaluated on a national level was during the Nixon Administration. This is summary of its conclusions and recommendations.

Passing Costs On Through

A new study highlights concerns about payment issues associated with inpatient hospital services. Is the system being gamed?


SIG Disclosure Study Released

A new study recommends expanding financial disclosure rules for self-insured groups doing business in California, but its recommendations fall short of what's currently in bill form. See who would take on what duties under the plan by clicking here. 

LAO Report Cites Concerns Over Cases

The Legislative Analyst’s Office outlines several legislative responses for dealing with the cost impact of the Almaraz/Guzman and Ogilvie decisions. Get the full report by clicking here.


Researcher Offers MSA Alternative

One prominent researcher says there's a less complex way to ensure that not only protects Medicare's intersts in workers' comp settlements, but could also lower costs for everyone. What's the change? Click here.

Researchers Recommend Status Quo For Surgery Center Fee Schedule

SB 863 mandated study recommends keeping the status quo on fees for some surgeries that Medicare deems to be inpatient only, but are often performed on injured workers in ambulatory surgery centers. Click here to read the report.  

Little Hoover Commission Report On The Underground Economy

Three decades after issuing its initial report on the underground economy in California, the Little Hoover Commission has a new set of recommendations to tackling the problem. Get the full report here. 

DOL Report On Workers' Compensation

The federal Department of Labor took a close look at the state of workers' compensation insurance in the United States and indicated that the federal government might start playing a bigger role in the industry if changes are not made. Click here to read the full report. 

2016 IMR System Annual Report

The Department of Industrial Relations released its latest report on the state's independent medical review system. Click here for a full copy of the report.