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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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New Regs Proposed for HCOs

The Division of Workers’ Compensation will hold a hearing on proposed regulations to lower the fees paid by health care organizations (HCOs) and to ease their paperwork burden. Get the full text of the proposal by clicking here.

2008 Audit Report

The Division of Workers’ Compensation's review of claims adjusters finds nearly $900,000 in overdue benefits for injured workers. Click here for the full report.

New MPN Notice Requirements Proposed

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has released these draft MPN regulations for public comment.

DWC Releases E-Billing Regulations

These proposed regulations would set the ground rules for the submission of medical bills in both paper and electronic formats, including defining what constitutes a complete medical bill.

DWC Releases Draft Rx Network Regs

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is seeking public comment on its first draft of regulations that define the scope of operations for pharmacy benefit networks and other contracted services. Click here for the draft.

A copy of the Letter Sent by Carrie Nevans to the Legislative Leadership

DWC’s Carrie Nevans outlines why the revision to the permanent disability rating schedule is late

WCAB May Consolidate Compound Pharmacy Liens

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board's Los Angeles district court will look at consolidating 10,000 pending liens for compounded pharmaceuticals into a single case. Click here for the notice of intent.

DWC Targets QME Abuse

The Division of Workers’ Compensation posted draft regulations to rein in abuses by some qualified medical evaluators and is seeking public feedback by September 29, 2010. Click here for the draft proposal.

Petitions Addressing Lien Consolidation

200 pages of compound medication lien pleadings both for and against consolidation

Ninth Circuit Rejects Air Ambulance Fee Case

An air ambulance firm's effort to collect on the $5.7 million that carriers and self-insured employers reduced its fees by is rejected by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Click here to ready why it has to take its argument elsewhere.

DWC Releases Carve-Out Report for 2004-2009

The Division of Workers’ Compensation released a report detailing the experience of California's alternative dispute resolution carve-out programs for workers' comp. The report covers five years beginning with the expansion to non-construction employers. Click here for the report.

DWC's Annual Audit Report Finds Problems

The Division of Workers’ Compensation's audit unit released its report for audits conducted in 2010. Click here to see who failed to make the grade.

DWC Amends Spinal Implant Regulations

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is taking additional comments on updates regulations to change reimbursements for spinal implants. Click here for the latest edition.

New Report Details Workers' Satisfaction Rates With The Comp System

The Division of Workers' Compensation is circulating an updated medical access study detailing injured workers' experience with the workers' comp system. The report is the first to be issued since 2010 and notes some significant changes. Click here to access the full report. 

Draft SB 863 MPN Regulations

The Division of Workers' Compensation circulated draft regulations to implement the portions of SB 863 impacting medical provider networks (MPNs). Click here to read the initial draft of the rules.

Annual Audit Report Identifies Unpaid Compensation

The Division of Workers' Compensation Audit Unit's annual report details the claims handling problems it found in 2012, including nearly $500,000 in compensation owed to injured workers. Click here to read the full report and see if your adjuster is making the grade. 

Administration Seeks Dismissal Of Lien Challenge

The Department of Industrial Relations filed this motion to dismiss a challenge to SB 863's call for a $100 activation fee to be imposed on all legacy liens. 

Lien Holders File Amended Complaint

The lien holders challenging SB 863's requirement for a $100 activation fee to be paid on every legacy lien amended their complaint and added another plaintiff. Read why they say the activation fee is unfair and discriminatory. 

Workplace Posting Of Injury & Illness Summary Required

The Department of Industrial Relations is reminding employers that it's time to post their annual work-related injury and illness summary – AKA the Cal/OSHA form 300A. Click here to download the form.