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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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MPN Notice Regulations Updated

Responding to earlier public comments, the Division of Workers’ Compensation has issued an update to its update of the MPN notice requirements. Click here for the draft.

Updated MPN Notice Regulations

The Division of Workers’ Compensation adopted these changes to the Medical Provider Network notice regulations effective October 8, 2010.

Updated MPN-Workers Comp Poster

This revised poster was adopted by Division of Workers’ Compensation and is effective as of October 8, 2010.

Proposed Rules Would Update UR Regulations

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation is circulating a new proposal to clean up the regulations for utilization review. Click here for a sneak peek before the formal rulemaking begins.

Proposed Treatment Authorization Form

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has a draft version of a Request for Authorization form out for comment. Click here to see the current copy.

DWC Proposes Fee Cut For ASCs

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is seeking to rein “excessive” payments to ambulatory surgery centers. Click here to see how deep the cuts will be.


DWC Aims To End Excessive Payments For Spinal Hardware