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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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State Fund’s PRA Guidelines

Here are SCIF’s detailed instructions for filing a public records act request with the agency.

Request Form

State Fund’s pre-formatted public records act request form.

SCIF Petitions Board For Recon In Alamaraz

The State Compensation Insurance Fund asks the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board to reconsider its unanimous en banc decision in Almaraz/Guzman.

Major Premium Fraud Bust

Investigators from the Orange County District Attorney's Office and the California Department of Insurance say they have uncovered the state's largest ever workers' comp premium fraud scam. Click here to find out which carrier got scammed and who did the scamming.

Furlough Order Lifted For Some SCIF Workers

A San Francisco Court says the Governor’s furlough order does not apply to some workers at the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Click here to get the full ruling ordering the change in policy.

State Fund Sale Draft Language

Here is the language drafted by the Department of Finance for the Governor directing the SCIF board to cooperate, allowing the hiring of consultants, and the deposit of proceeds from the sale into the general fund.

State Fund’s Resolve

The State Compensation Insurance Fund’s board of directors gave President Jan Frank broad new powers to contest the Governor’s furlough order. How far do they go? Click here to get the full details.

SCIF v. Schwarzenegger A Reality

Exercising her newly appointed powers, State Fund president Jan Frank takes legal action to lift the governor’s furlough order. Click here for SCIF’s cross-complaint.

Department Suit to Halt SCIF Sale

Commissioner Poizner files suit to stop the sale of State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Union Says Stop That Car

The Service Employees International Union Local 1000 is crying foul over the State Compensation Insurance Fund’s plans to redo its company car policy. They’ve sent the carrier a cease and desist letter to block the policy and you can get the full text by clicking here.


SEIU’s Unfair Practice Charge

The Service Employees International Union’s files an Unfair Practice Charge with the Public Employment Relations Board

State Fund Releases Annual Report

The State Compensation Insurance Fund finally released its annual report. Get all the gritty details here.


SEIU Wants Halt To Relocation Plan

Claiming State Fund’s restructuring plan is illegal and violated their contract, Service Employees International Union sent this cease and desist letter.

State Fund Changing Group Program Rules

State Compensation Insurance Fund sent this letter to all participants in its Group Insurance Program informing them of changes taking effect in 2012. Click here for a copy.

SCIF Asks U.S. Supreme Court To Overturn Restitution Decision

State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to clarify the rules for collecting on criminal restitution awards when the issue becomes entangled in a bankruptcy court proceeding. Click here to read its petition to the court.

SCIF Investigation Memo To State Fund Employees

State Fund President Tom Rowe announced that a joint task force's criminal investigation into alleged wrong-doing at the State Compensation Insurance Fund is being closed without any charges being filed.

Richardson Resignation Letter

The Dentists Insurance Company president James Richardson sent this letter to the Jerry Brown Administration announcing his resignation from the State Compensation Insurance Fund board of directors.

Contractor Wins Right To Sue State Fund

A California Court of Appeal is allowing a contractor to sue the State Compensation Insurance Fund for breach of contract and for failing to act in good faith. Click here to read why the court is allowing the case to proceed.

State Fund Alleges Fraud At Collection Agency

The State Compensation Insurance Fund is suing one of its former collection agencies for fraud and breach of contract alleging that it pocketed premiums instead of forwarding them to the carrier. Click here to read the complaint.

SCIF, Union Reach Relocation Agreement

State Compensation Insurance Fund and its primary union came to terms over how to implement State Fund's proposed geographic relocation plan. This agreement spells out the rights and responsibilities of labor and management. Click here for the full text of the deal.

Court Clears SCIF From Furloughs

A California Court of Appeal issues a full opinion explaining why the State Compensation Insurance Fund is exempt from furlough orders issued by the past, present or future governors. Click here to read the opinion.

Couple Charged With Premium Fraud

The Orange County couple that ran Modern Tree Service and Jamo's Gardening service are accused of workers' comp premium fraud. Click here to read the criminal complaint.

State Fund Sues Lehman Executives

Seeking to recover the millions it lost on its Lehman Brothers investments when the company tanked State Fund is sueing former executives at the investment bank and the underwriters who handled the bond sales. Click here to read the complaint.

Is the Legislature Asking Questions about State Fund Properties?

Does State Fund have some explaining to do regarding properties in Redding and elsewhere? Sen. Ted Lieu asks some pointed questions in a letter to State Fund President Tom Rowe. Click here to get all the details.

SCIF President Tom Rowe Responds

Tom Rowe, president and CEO of State Compensation Insurance Fund responds to a letter from Senator Ted Lieu asking about State Fund properties. Click here to read the letter.             

SCIF Petitions Supreme Court In Almaraz

The State Compensation Insurance Fund is asking the California Supreme Court to overturn the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board's decision in the Almaraz case. Click here to read why SCIF says they should.

State Fund Defends MPN Changes

The State Compensation Insurance Fund isn't backing down from plans to put tighter controls on the prescribing of opioids and compound drugs by its network physicians. Here's its response to the Medical Board of California and the California Medical Association.

State Fund Files RICO Charges In PEO Case

The State Compensation Insurance Fund raised the stakes in its dispute with Select Staffing by filing federal RICO charges. Click here for the complaint.



State Fund's Broker Access Program FAQ

The State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) outlines many of the questions and answers surrounding its new Access State Fund program for smaller brokers. Click here to read the details of the internal document.

Court Says Per Diem Payments Were Payroll

A court of appeal says a temporary nurse staffing firm owes the State Compensation Insurance Fund premium for workers' comp coverage. Click here to read why is says the per diem payments should count as payroll.

State Fund's RICO Case Against Drobots Can Proceed

A federal court says the State Compensation Insurance Fund's lawsuit against a former hospital executive can proceed. Click here to read the court's order. 

Judge Denies Drobots' Motions

A federal court says the State Compensation Insurance Fund's fraud case against the former operators of Pacific Hospital of Long Beach and several other entities can proceed as a single case. Click here to read why the judge says the father and son duo should face the charges together.