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Welcome to the Resources Section. Here you will find a plethora of original materials as referenced in the print edition.

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Proposed Regulatory Changes To Self-Insured Groups
Proposed regulations out for comment that will strengthen SIGs
Speak Up On Self-Insured Regs
OSIP has scheduled a public hearing to take comments on the proposed self-insured regulations update package.
Fight Continues Over SIG Confidentiality Rules
The state's second attempt at re-writing the rules for self-insured groups included a number of key changes. But one significant amendment sought by carriers was missing.
The Letter Sent to OSIP

CA-SIG letter requesting the OSIP executive director Jim Ware address what it considers insurance industry inaccuracies about SIGs

BRS Plan for CAP

Bickmore Risk Services and Consulting outlines its role as a conservator for the Contractor’s Access Program of California

DIR Order for Conservator

The Department of Industrial Relations issues a formal order to the Contractors Access Program of California appointing conservator Bickmore Risk Services and Consulting


OSIP Show-cause Letter

The Office of Self-Insured Plans tells CAP it could be asked to show cause why a conservator shouldn’t be appointed

CAPSIG By-laws

Contractors Access Program of California Inc., ran its self-insured group using 16-pages of bylaws that covered everything from  membership qualifications to audits to finances.

2009 Self-Insured Experience

Like their insured counterparts, self-insured employers continue to battle rising costs. Click here to see how they did in 2009.

Updated SIG Regulations Released

The Office of Self-Insured Plans released proposed regulations to update disclosure rules and other oversight measures for self-insured groups. Click here for the proposal.

SIG Regulations Initial Statement of Reasons

Click here to read the Office of Self-Insured Plans’ justifications for the proposed SIG regulations.

Updated SIG Chart Shows Movement

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans released an updated chart showing the funding levels for the state's self-insured groups. Click here to see who is in compliance and who is still running a deficit.

Self-Insured's 2010 Experience

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP) released a new report detailing self-insured employers' claims experience for 2010. Click here for the report.

OSIP Releases Aggregate SIG Data Showing Shortfalls
OSIP Posts Public-Sector Experience Data

Claim totals dipped along with employment, but medical costs continue to increase for public sector employers, according to a new summary report from Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP). Click here for the report.