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The SCIF Conspiracy Unfolds

SCIF Trails Other State Funds in Growing Written Premium
SCIF Trails Other State Funds in Growing Written Premium The majority... California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund’s (SCIF) continued shedding accounts and premium, causing... state funds as a whole saw their written premium increase last year while SCIF’s tumbled another
July 24, 2012

State Fund Rolls Out New Rating Tiers
State Fund Rolls Out New Rating Tiers State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is rolling out an all new multi-tier rating plan that will take effect this fall and give it more flexibility in pricing risks. As part of the quai-governmental insurer’s effort to
July 3, 2012 

State Fund Investment Bill Moves Forward
State Fund Investment Bill Moves Forward SCIF Has Lost Investment Capital In The Past Legislation that allows State Compensation Insurance Fund’s board of directors to invest some of the carrier’s assets in certain publicly traded companies, mortgage-related investment
July 3, 2012  

SCIF’s Restructuring Is Costing California Taxpayers Millions
SCIF’s Restructuring Is Costing California Taxpayers Millions State Compensation Insurance Fund restructuring and downsizing efforts are coming at a price – more than $450,000 in penalties a month for making late benefits payments. While the restructuring
June 5, 2012     

State Fund Board Member Reappointed, Two Others Wait 
State Fund Board Member Reappointed, Two Others Wait Gov. Jerry Brown took action and reappointed Daniel Curtin to serve a second term on the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF... position was announced a week before State Fund’s board gathered in Napa Valley for two days of training
April 3, 2012 

State Fund Pushes for More Exempt Positions 
State Fund Pushes for More Exempt Positions JPA Agreement Sought State...), is billed as a way for State Fund to get “needed tools” to maintain its viability as a “competitive... Executive that State Fund plays both its private enterprise card and public agency card, sometimes in
March 20, 2012 

State Fund Board Awards Tom Rowe Maximum Bonus
State Fund Board Awards Tom Rowe Maximum Bonus Enron-Like Bonus In the eyes of the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) board of directors, State Fund President Tom Rowe earned... contains both fixed and variable components designed to produce high performance,” says SCIF board chairman
March 6, 2012 

State Fund Employee Turnover Climbs to 23% 
State Fund Employee Turnover Climbs to 23% SEIU Claims Unfair Practices Employee turnover at California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) skyrocketed to 22.7% last year, thanks to unrest caused by the company’s aggressive restructuring plan and a buyout offer
March 6, 2012 

State Fund IDs 705 Positions for Actual Layoffs
State Fund IDs 705 Positions for Actual Layoffs A year-end program to offer workers at State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) an incentive to leave the carrier of last... early as tomorrow. But SCIF spokeswoman Jennifer Vargen says the total number of job cuts is not
January 31, 2012 

State Fund on Target for 25% Reduction in Force 
(SCIF) has formal approval from the Department of Personnel Administration in hand for a plan that.... State Fund spokeswoman Jennifer Vargen says SCIF’s human resources department... job classifications, and in some cases the response was more enthusiastic than SCIF desired
January 17, 2012

State Fund Fixes Dividend Policy
State Fund Fixes Dividend Policy The State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) has decided to remove its requirement that policyholders renew in order to get a dividend. The State...)…” SCIF announced the change this morning after at a special meeting of its board of
December 14, 2011 

Is State Fund’s Dividend Plan Illegal?   
Agent and brokers and others are questioning the legality and the fairness of State Funds recent dividend announcement. There are statutes and regulations governing these issue but what will the California Department of Insurance do?  Find out the details of the controversy by clicking here....
December 6, 2011

Auditors to Scrutinize SCIF’s Reorganization 
State Compensation Insurance Fund’s plan to reorganize its operations and reduce its overall size still generates controversy, so much so that someone outside is paying extra attention. Who's taking a look and why?
November 30, 2011

State Fund Files RICO Complaint In PEO Case 
The State Compensation Insurance Fund is raising the stakes in its ongoing battle to collect on a $50 million judgment from a professional employer organization. What's the new twist in the dispute?
November 21, 2011

FLASH: State Fund Plans To Give Back 
The State Compensation Insurance Fund announced a change in a decade old policy that could help some of its insured employers. What's the change and how might you benefit?
November 18, 2011

State Fund Workers Protest Cuts 
Workers at the State Compensation Insurance Fund are facing relocations, layoffs and in some cases both and they¹re letting everyone hear their fears and frustrations. Click here for the video.
November 18, 2011

SCIF Layoff Details Slow to Emerge 
How long until we know the full details of State Fund’s workforce reduction plan? Is the rank-and-file getting restless? What do we know so far and when will we know the rest? Click here for the story.
October 26, 2011 

California Medical Board Says State Fund Rules May Violate Medical Ethics 
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund standing firm on changes to its medical provider network? What trends does it see in opioids that make these changes so critical to the health of injured workers? Click here for the story.
October 26, 2011 

Select Staffing Fights SCIF’s Collection Effort
State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is moving to collect on a $50 million plus costs award it won in its dispute with Select Staffing and Onvoi Business Solutions, but it faces a stiff fight over the money.
October 12, 2011 

State Fund Moves To Lay Off 25% of Its Workforce
The State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) informed its workforce today that it will be implementing layoffs in 2012 to bring down its cost structure faster than previously planned.
October 6, 2011 

State Fund Suffers Significant Premium Decrease, Expenses Increase 
Profits Are Up California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is still the state’s largest workers’ comp provider, but the margin separating it from the rest of the pack continues to erode.
September 28, 2011 

Fight Over SCIF MPN Rules Enters a New Realm
State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is pushing ahead with its long-delayed plans to re-contract its medical provider... intractable pain.
September 28, 2011 

State Fund Pursues Limited Recovery in Piggybacking Case
State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) leaving at least $250 million on the table in its dispute with two... and Select Staffing (for past coverage, see SCIF Scores …).
September 14, 2011 

State Fund Scores Major Verdict in PEO “Piggybacking” Case 
Was alleged “piggybacking” going on? State Compensation Insurance Fund says so and has a win to prove it. Premium subscribers can click here to get all the details.
August 24, 2011 

State Funds Prepare to Weather Hardening Market 
Are carriers of last resort across the nation noting a change in private carriers' appetite for business? If so, what are they doing to prepare? Click here for the story.
June 29, 2011

State Fund Tightening on Opioids, Compound Meds 
How is State Compensation Insurance Fund changing the rules for prescribing doctors? The state's carrier of last resort is rolling out new policies for its network physicians that some say cross the boundary. But do they? What changes are in the works? Should employers support the move? Click here for details.
June 29, 2011 

State Fund Seeks to Cover Employees Outside California 
State Compensation Insurance Fund wants to provide workers’ comp coverage to its employers who have employees working outside of California. AB 228, authored by Felipe Fuentes (D-Arleta), hopes to make the coverage a reality. The proponents say it’s a much needed change that will provide options and flexibility for California employers in this tough business climate. Is it a good idea for its policy holders? Does the industry agree? Who’s for and against?
June 23, 2011 

State Fund Hires Former Enron Prosecutor for Lehman Lawsuit 
Will State Compensation Insurance Fund take someone to court after millions in financial losses? How much did State Fund lose? Who's in the carrier's crosshairs and who has it hired to help recoup the losses? Click here for the story.
June 8, 2011 

State Fund Seeks to Expand Outside California 
Does new legislative language give State Compensation Insurance Fund the authority to expand coverage? What does State Fund propose to do? What does the private market think? Is it efficient for brokers and employers, or a risky scheme? Click here to get all the answers.
June 8, 2011 

Is State Fund Trying to Expand Its Reach? 
State Compensation Insurance Fund says it wants to make it easier for brokers and employers to do business with it. What does it want to do to achieve this goal? Find out by clicking here.
May 24, 2011 

Union, State Fund Strike Deal Over Relocation Plan 
Are State Compensation Insurance Fund officials giving a little bit on the carrier’s geographic relocation plan? What kind of deal has State Fund reached with its largest union to ease the pain, and what’s in it for the rank-and-file? Click here for details.
May 18, 2011 

State Fund Loses More in First Quarter 
Why are brokers moving business away from State Fund? What does the first quarter say? What kinds of accounts are leaving and what does this tell us about the state's carrier of last resort? Click here for details.
May 18, 2011

Court Upholds SCIF’s Exclusion from Furloughs 
Numerous courts have ruminated on the question of furloughs for state workers at State Compensation Insurance Fund. The First District Court of Appeal is the latest to chime in. How did it view the issue? Click here for the full story.
May 18, 2011 

Legislation Aims to Level Playing Field for Brokers 
Does State Compensation Insurance Fund treat brokers fairly? Will legislation change State Fund practices for the better? What does State Fund have to say? Click here to get all the answers as the action unfolds in the Legislature.
May 5, 2011

Legislation Would Even Playing Field for Brokered Business 
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund giving policyholders who use brokers a raw deal? What is the Legislature doing about it? What do brokers say the problem is? Where does the rest of the industry stand? Premium subscribers can get all the details by clicking here.
May 4, 2011

State Fund Keeps Closer Tabs on Vendors 
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund losing out on millions of dollars in premium? If so, why? How much money are we talking about and what’s being done about it? Click here to find out where those premium dollars could be going, and get the answers to all your other questions.
April 20, 2011

State Fund Executives: Year-End Bonuses, Raises 
Is California's State Fund handing out year-end bonuses to its execs amid staff cuts and underwriting losses? Are those bonuses related to the upcoming cut of some 1,400 employees? If so, are there plans to keep on giving in 2011? Who is getting paid and who is coming up short. Click here for all the scandalous details.
April 7, 2011

SCIF Scandal/Conflict Avoided: Richardson Steps Down
Is the State Compensation Insurance Fund board of directors short a member? Who stepped down and why? Click here for the story.
April 7, 2011

Contractor Wins Right to Sue State Fund
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund throwing its weight around and bullying one of its insureds? Did it try to duck its obligations? How did it come out in the latest case alleging unfair practices? Click here to get the details of one employer's experience.
April 7, 2011

SCIF Premiums, Policies and Ratios Drop in 2010 
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund seeing a lower combined ratio? If so, what’s driving the change? How close is it to looking like the private carriers? Is it a math trick? Click here for the story.
April 7, 2011 

SEIU Bill Seeks to Protect State Fund Proprietary Information 
State Compensation Insurance Fund’s largest union is proposing legislation to protect the carrier’s interests in the workers’ comp market. What does it seek to do? And whom does it seek to do it to? Is it clear in its intent? What are the concerns? March 16, 2011

Investigation of California’s State Fund Ends
It was a series of articles by Workers Comp Executive that exposed a culture of corruption at California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund. There were the firings of board members and of officers and a 4 years investigation. Now the San Francisco District Attorney's Office is closing its probe. Is anyone going to be living in the hoosegow after four long years?  Click here for the story.
March 3, 2011 

Free for Whom? Governor Takes On State Giveaways 
What has the governor told State Fund and other state agencies about frivolous spending? How much has it cost premium payers and taxpayers? But is everybody going along with the plan? Did those folks at SCIF really flip off this governor, too? Premium subscribers, click here for details.
March 1, 2011

SEIU, Employees Question SCIF’s Motives 
Is a nine-hour drive from Eureka to Bakersfield a romantic getaway? SEIU 1000 says that for some SCIF employees, that may very well become the reality. Is SCIF being upfront and aboveboard about its restructuring plans or are employees being led down the primrose path? Premium subscribers can read all about it by clicking here.
February 2, 2011

SCIF Moves to Eliminate Assigned Company Cars 
SCIF had scaled back a perk, hoping to save some bucks, but the unions were up in arms about it. Now those same unions are getting a look at phase two. Is the new SCIF management team backing down under union pressure or taking a stand on what needs to be done? Click here for the story.
February 2, 2011

SCIF Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Restitution Decision 
There’s nothing like a strong deterrent to discourage bad behavior, but does a court case involving workers’ comp fraud and bankruptcy threaten that? What’s the verdict so far and what could it mean for the industry? Get all the juicy details by clicking here.
February 2, 2011

SCIF Blows Up Group Insurance Programs 
The state's largest workers' comp carrier plans major changes for the 50,000 employers covered by one of its group insurance programs. What will this mean for your coverage? Click here for the details.
January 19, 2011

SCIF’s “Illegal Layoff Plan” Tough on Staff 
State Compensation Insurance Fund's recently announced plan to consolidate many of its operations in fewer sites around the state is causing angst among its employees. But not everyone is putting up with it. Who’s speaking out? What options are available to workers and at what cost to the carrier? Click here for the details.
January 19, 2011

State Fund BOR Letter Ps and Qs 
The State Compensation Insurance Fund soon will recognize Broker of Record letters for accounts directly written by the carrier, but a poorly executed BOR could cost a broker his or her commission. Want to make sure you don't screw up your submission? Click here for the full story.
January 5, 2011 

New Board For California State Fund
California’s State Fund has a new board chairman and a new member. Who is up and who is out? Find out by clicking here...
January 3, 2011

Major Changes Ahead at State Fund 
State Compensation Insurance Fund will be undertaking one of the biggest changes in its history. What’s happening and why? Will it affect policy holders? How about State Fund employees? Click here to find out.
December 10, 2010 

State Fund Combined Ratio Soars Above 166% 
State Compensation Insurance Fund continues battling a number of internal and external market forces as California's workers' comp market begins to turn. What do its numbers look like? Click here for the details.
December 8, 2010 

Broker Asks SCIF for Mercy 
Michael Holzman, a broker, pleads for sanity before the State Compensation Insurance Fund’s Board of Directors. He’s a gracious broker who lost a lawsuit against them.  His firm, Cumbre, tried to give up and walk away back in 2004 but SCIF kept pounding away, and he says wasted millions of dollars. You can decide if you think this litigating which is still ongoing as of today - – represents the kind of culture change they’d like you to believe is happening or not. Members of the Board even – and unusually - ask questions. Click here to see the video and listen carefully – there’s a lot to learn.
November 19, 2010

Fair Procedure Case May Go to Supreme Court 
A Court of Appeal issued its decision in the long-running battle between State Compensation Insurance Fund and Cumbre Inc. over its broker termination process. An appeal to the California Supreme Court is still a possibility, but is a settlement in the works? Click here for the details.
November 17, 2010 

Preparing for Broker of Record Change at State Fund 
State Fund and a broker share some tips for BORs come January 1. Click here to get the details.
November 17, 2010 

State Fund Gives: Small Employers Get Choice 
In a victory for agents and brokers and small employers State Fund has caved in to demands that it allow broker of record letters and pay brokers’ commissions on direct business. But State Fund is still playing games. Read more here ... 
November 9, 2010

Pay Cuts May Be Coming at State Fund 
Does the governor get to furlough State Fund employees after all, or has he found another way to force some belt tightening? What kind of deal has the administration hatched and who is affected? Click here to get the details.
October 21, 2010 

Elk Grove Replaces State Fund with Travelers 
State Compensation Insurance Fund's rate hikes cost it a long-term customer recently when the City of Elk Grove opted to move its business elsewhere. Just how uncompetitive was the "fairly competitive" State Fund? Click here for the full story.
October 21, 2010 

SEIU Unhappy with State Fund “Transparency”  
Does State Compensation Insurance Fund honor its transparency commitment? If so, does it honor the letter or the spirit of the law? Some groups have put the carrier to the test. What have they found? Premium subscribers can click here to read all about it.
September 22, 2010 

State Fund Continues to Suffer a Soft Market  
The numbers are out. Is State Compensation Insurance Fund beating the odds or still treading water? Will its investment income degenerate – for that matter, are its investments safe? It’s ugly, and with no rating, is it really a place to put good clients who do not need it as the market of last resort? Premium subscribers can find out by clicking here.
September 22, 2010 

Compline Leads Broker Coalition for Fair Treatment  
Are brokers winning the fight to get State Fund to be fair and reasonable about employers’ right to use broker letters? Will State Fund finally compete fairly with its competition? Click here to find out more.
September 22, 2010 

Is There about to Be Another Culture Change at State Fund? 
Will a State Compensation Insurance Fund practice that has hampered its insureds for far too long finally change? Representatives speaking on behalf of brokers and their clients, testify before State Fund board members to drive home the point. How much premium is at stake? What needs to change and why? Will State Fund listen? Workers’ Comp Executive was on the scene with video cameras catching all the action. Click to here to watch and hear all about it.
September 13, 2010 

State Fund Blows Off Broker/Client Ownership
Compline says State Fund acts unfairly toward employers and brokers. Its Broker of Record Letter practices are below industry standards. What does State Fund not do that other carriers routinely do, and what is the result?
September 1, 2010 

New State Fund President Passionate About the Business 
Who would take this job? What was he thinking? What if things get rough? The new president of State Fund walks into his office this week and has answers to those questions. Click here to find out what he has to say.
August 4, 2010
State Fund Appoints New President 
State Fund Compensation Insurance Fund makes a big change in its front office. Find out all about it by clicking here.
July 27, 2010 

Ex Parte Case Back Before Second District Court of Appeal  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is often accused by the rest of the industry of making poor case law, and a recent Court of Appeal decision only adds to that reputation. So what's it doing to correct the mistake? Inquiring minds can click here to get the full story.
July 20, 2010 

Court Says SCIF Owes the Money but It Ain’t Payin’  
Insurers aren’t paying what courts have ruled they’re supposed to. Maybe the carriers just like adding litigation expenses to LAE or maybe they just can’t get enough litigation over things it’s clear they owe. Find out what multiple judges say and be prepared to think about these things. Premium subscribers can click here.
July 20, 2010 

SEIU Challenges Repo of SCIF Cars  
Implementing new rules for company cars is getting quite a response at one carrier. Is there some road rage out there? Is management headed down the right path, or is it likely to get run over? Click here for the full story.
June 23, 2010 

Appeals Court Backs Union In Furlough Fight
The California Supreme Court is set to review the Governor's authority to furlough state workers but that isn't keeping other courts from weighing in on the issue. Does the First District's new opinion change the legal landscape? Click here for the details.
June 14, 2010 

SCIF Board Hears About Premium Loss  
SCIF’s premium decreases as it continues to lose business to the competition. Read stats, results and predictions by clicking here.
June 9, 2010 

Various State Funds Roll With the Market  
It’s not if but when as California heads into a hard market, and the same holds true for the rest of the country. Are state funds ready to go for it and how might they stand to benefit? Where can they fit into the federal health care scheme? Premium subscribers can get all the answers by clicking here
June 9, 2010 

Staffing Firm, State Fund Fight over Classifications  
An interesting classification fight has ensued between a staffing firm and a carrier. It is of interest for all property owners or their brokers. Click here to read the details.
June 9, 2010 

Union Relents, SCIF Bill Passes  
A prominent union for state employees is pushing a tough slate of reforms for California's largest workers' comp carrier. Will policyholders see a benefit or did it give up too much to get the bill through committee? Premium subscribers can get the full story by clicking here.
May 5, 2010 

State Fund Opts to Change Culture, Fleet Rules
What is happening at State Fund that has turned management cooperative and thrown employees into various stages of anger or apprehension? Will it affect the bottom line? Will it change the culture? This clear content article is available by simply clicking here.
April 22, 2010 

State Fund Union Takes a Crack at Further Reforms  
Can the Legislature make more improvements in State Compensation Insurance Fund’s governance? A few years after storm clouds of scandal descended on State Fund’s decadent management, some stakeholders think it needs additional accountability. What do they propose? What does State Fund think? Premium subscribers can click here to find out.
April 22, 2010 

SCIF Board Gets Financial Update  
State Compensation Insurance Fund has been bleeding market share in recent years and 2009 was no exception. How far did its premiums tumble? Click here for all the details.
March 24, 2010

Fair-Procedure Question Dogs State Fund  
Is SCIF playing fair with its insurance brokers? A lawsuit alleging that it isn't heats up again and we've got the details for you. Premium subscribers can get the full story by clicking here.
March 24, 2010

Massive Leave Payouts at State Fund  
Is State Compensation Insurance Fund leaving policyholders on the hook for millions in overdue vacation pay in violation of state rules? We've got the details for you right here.
March 24, 2010

State Fund Plays “Hide the Contract,” Then Relents  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is still looking for a new president, but the terms of the new recruiting effort are a little hazy. Workers’ Comp Executive brings sunshine to the cause and reveals a terms of previous contracts. How much has it paid recruiters in the past? Find out by clicking here.
March 10, 2010

Proposed Legislation Targets State Fund  
The bills are piling up and at least one legislator is taking an interest in State Compensation Insurance Fund. What can possibly be in store for State Fund? Click here to find out.
February 19, 2010 

Slim Pickins for SCIF Applicants  
A certain recruiter is having some trouble filling a particular position at a certain insurance carrier. What gives? Find out by clicking here. 
February 17, 2010 

SCIF’s Middleton New Fraud Commission Chair
The fight against workers’ compensation fraud has a new champion.  Find out who it is by clicking here.
February 10, 2010 

Search on for State Fund’s Next President  
The state’s workers’ comp carrier tasked a Sacramento area firm with finding its next president. But how much is the carrier on the hook to pay its last president? And what did the board authorize in bonuses for management? Click here to find out.
January 27, 2010 

State Fund Looks to Put Soma Use to Bed  
One carrier wants to change practice patterns that it says lead to delayed recovery for injured workers. And it;s starting by targeting one of the most popular drugs in use in today's workers' comp system. Who's taking the bold step? What is the step? Premium subscribers can get the full story by clicking here.
January 27, 2010 

State Fund Pricing Policies Exacerbated Carrier Insolvencies  
A long-awaited study into the root causes of California's wave of carrier insolvencies is out. Did State Compensation Insurance Fund cause the debacle? What might other contributing factors be and does Rand Corporation get it wrong? Click here to find out.
January 7, 2010 

Governor Rounds Out SCIF Board With Appointments  
Legislation passed in 2008 expanded the State Compensation Insurance Fund's board of directors from five to 11 members, but three of the seats languished awaiting a gubernatorial appointment. Well the wait is over. Click here to see who will be sitting in those seats at the next meeting.
November 20, 2009

State Fund Sale: Government in Disarray
Sometimes we can only roll our eyes and laugh at the government's machinations. The Legislative Analyst’s Office has spoken about the potential for the sale of some of State Funds assets. But then so has the Governor’s office, the Department of Finance, and Commissioner Poizner. Read this and learn about State Government’s dysfunctional relationships.
November 18, 2009 

SCIF Board Starts Executive Search, Releases Pay Scale  
With the selection of an interim president done, State Compensation Insurance Fund’s board turns its attention to finding a permanent candidate. Salary levels for each of the exempt positions can be found here. Premium subscribers can find out how much execs make and how pay and bonuses work at the carrier.
November 18, 2009 

State Compensation Insurance Fund Hangs Up on Cell Phone Appeal  
State Fund lawyers have pursued some crazy cases, but sometimes they get slapped. Find out what one State Compensation Insurance Fund lawyer thought was worth fighting for and State Fund’s role.
November 4, 2009 

State Fund Chooses New President  
State Compensation Insurance Fund's Board has sent up the white smoke. It has picked a new President. Click here to find out who and how…
October 21, 2009 

SCIF Interim Pres Struggle in Final Throes
Who will be the next president of State Fund. This article provides the inside scoop about who’s in contention and handicaps the likely picks. That’s it – pure and simple. To read it just …
October 20, 2009 

State Fund Employees’ Back Pay on Its Way  
Two judges have now ruled that workers at State Compensation Insurance Fund are not subject to furloughs. And while their overdue wages are starting to be paid, not all issues have been resolved. Click here to see what the next fight might be about.
October 7, 2009 

FLASH: Jan Frank Resigning As State Fund President  
Jan Frank is stepping down at president of the state's largest carrier. Get the when's and why's by clicking here.
September 24, 2009 

SCIF Premium Decline Continues  
State Fund’s premium is going to the competition. But are lower premiums its only troubles? Find out its financials and other issues if you’re a premium subscriber -- by doing what you know how to do. Just click here.
September 23, 2009 

Poizner Takes It to the Governor  
Putting his foot down as the regulator of the insurance industry, Commissioner Steve Poizner is taking the governor to court over Schwarzenegger's plans to sell State Compensation Insurance Fund. Will his arguments pass muster? Find out what those arguments are and what the experts think, by clicking here.
September 11, 2009 

No Furlough Friday At SCIF
State Compensation Insurance Fund employees will be on the job tomorrow in spite of the governor's furlough order, but find out what might be missing from their paychecks by clicking here.
September 10, 2009 

Judge Hands Victory to all SCIF Employees
State Compensation Insurance Fund employees are smiling now. Click here to read more.
September 2, 2009 

SCIF Furlough Overturned
State Compensation Insurance Fund employees have fought the good fight and won. Click here to read more.
September 1, 2009 

Poizner Files to Halt SCIF Sale
Poizner is suing over governor’s plan to sell State Compensation Insurance Fund assets. To read more click here.
August 27, 2009 

SCIF Files Cross-Complaint Over Furloughs
State Fund's board of directors gave president Jan Frank new powers to challenge the governor's furlough order. Click here to find out how she's using them.
August 13, 2009

SCIF’s Jan Frank v. Governor Terminator?  
Will SCIF’s president Jan Frank take on Governor Terminator over the now-famous furloughs? Will there be a battle royal, and will it be an epic? Jan Frank has some new powers and it’s up to her to use them wisely. Being informed is being powerful. Being a premium subscriber is being informed. So if you have the power, just …
click here
August 12, 2009

Senate Approves Sale of SCIF  
A partial sale of State Compensation Insurance Fund takes a step closer to reality. Click here to get the skinny.
July 24, 2009

SCIF Sale -- It’s In There  
The Big 5 finally agree and despite all the controversy, the SCIF sale is still afloat. Get the scoop by clicking here.
July 21, 2009 

The $1Billion Lie – Sell SCIF Plan In Budget  
As part of the ongoing California state budget negotiations the ‘Big 5’ agreed over the weekend that the bill directing the Department of Finance to sell parts of State Compensation Insurance Fund is - repeat – is going into the budget.  
July 16, 2009 

SCIF Board To Governors Staff: Fugetaboutit !
In a bold move design to both protect its policyholders and put the governor’s chief of staff on notice that it’s no pushover, State Fund’s board today voted to oppose the proposed sale of its assets to balance the budget. Get the whole story just click here 
July 10, 2009 

Furlough Fight Continues in Courts
It’s still early in the game between the unions and the governor regarding furloughs. You already know which side is doing what, but do you know who’s winning, who else has been sued, which department heads have to go through this, or if the union cares about anyone besides itself? Premium subscribers get to know the juicy details when they click  Furlough Batters Battle.  
June 23, 2009 

SCIF SALE: It Might Happen  
The Governor’s office has convinced the democrats to sell parts of State Fund in order to balance the budget.  But it is a flawed plan filled with intrigue. Here is the inside story.
June 23, 2009 

SCIF Investigation Heats Up  
A search warrant is being executed in Northern California as part of an investigation into alleged misconduct by former board members and employees of the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Click here for more details.
June 19, 2009 

Flash: Governor Appeals SCIF Furlough Decision
The legal fight to hold all State Compensation Insurance Fund employees to the furlough order took another turn yesterday. Click here to get the rest of the story.
June 11, 2009 

Flash: SCIF Furloughs Lifted For Some
One union won a key lawsuit invalidating the Governor's furlough order but not all State Fund workers and now another union wants the same treatment. What's a State Fund president to do? Click here to get the rest of the story.
June 8, 2009 

SCIF Earnings Stung by Competition, Bankruptcies, Furloughs
SCIF's premium revenue continued to decline in the first quarter as its insureds showed the strain of the slow economy. Just how low did it go? Click here to get the full story.
May 19, 2009 

SCIF Sale Discussions an Evolving Issue
A once unthinkable idea is back on the table as California struggles with another budget crisis. Could some or all of the State Compensation Insurance Fund be sold off to close the gap? Click here to find out who’s behind the idea.
 May 19, 2009  

Selling part of State Fund was mentioned in the governor’s May budget revision. It was a surprise to SCIF management. 
May 19, 2009 

Former SCIF General Counsel Calls It Quits  
Former SCIF General Counsel Calls It Quits Demoted in the Scandal Days Charles W. Savage, assistant chief counsel for large litigation at State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF), is retiring this month after 31 years at SCIF. Savage was a former vice president and general counsel
May 5, 2009

$14M in Premium Fraud Alleged at Two Companies  
Two Southern California employers are facing multiple felony counts for allegedly hiding large chunks of their payroll to avoid workers' comp premiums. Premium subscribers can find out who's being charged and who’s doing the charging, by clicking here. 
April 21, 2009

Court Exempts SCIF From Furloughs  
SCIF's in-house attorney's were successful in challenging the Governor's "cost-saving" furlough plan. But now the question is will the ruling stand. Find out more by clicking here
April 16, 2009

FLASH: Frank Backs Staff Over Governor  
State Compensation Insurance Fund President Janet Frank has filed a brief in court asking the Court to exempt SCIF from the governor’s furloughs.
April 9, 2009

SCIF’s Board Grows but Still Incomplete  
SCIF's board is actively pursuing candidates to round out its panel. So far labor is in control. One seat is filled, but three others remain empty. Who's holding up the process? Premium subscribers can get the details inside.
March 24, 2009

Furlough This: SCIF Attorneys Sue the Governor  
Contending that the state's mandatory furlough policy affects the quality of their representation for California employers, SCIF in-house attorneys were in court last week to get the policy overturned. Were they, or will they be, successful? Premium subscribers can get the full details by clicking here.
March 24, 2009

Flash Update: Jury Finds SCIF's Actions Okay  
After five weeks of testimony and another day of summation, a San Bernardino County jury had heard enough. So is a speedy decision good for the defense or plaintiff? Click here to find out. 
March 6, 2009

Verdict Is Imminent In Broker's Termination Dispute With SCIF
Simmering for six years, a lawsuit over SCIF's mass broker termination program in 2003 is nearing a decision. Did either party delivery a knock-out blow in the closing rounds? Click here to find out. 
March 6, 2009

SCIF: Between a Rock and a Hard Place  
The State Compensation Insurance Fund will be feeling the brunt of the furloughs too. But is operating with a skeleton crew any better than being shut twice a month? Click here to read more.
February 9, 2009 

Furloughs on for SCIF  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is subject to the governor’s furlough, but it’s made some arrangements to ease the burden. Click here to find out.
February 3, 2009 

SCIF Operates at 148% Combined
SCIF's board of directors was briefed on the carrier's year-end financials last week. Among the news: the direct, the written and the combined. Also find out how the investment portfolio is performing. Premium subscribers can read it all right here.
January 20, 2009

More SCIF Board Members Added
The State Compensation Insurance Fund held its first board meeting of the year last week with new, but unannounced, members on its panel. Find out joined the board inside.
January 20, 2009

Furloughs to Impact Workers’ Comp Community & Services
State agencies are furloughing state employees two days a month starting in February. Find out what the potential impact will be on our community. Premium subscribers click here.
January 20, 2009

SCIF Gets a New Board Member  
The Senate Rules Committee complies with SB 1145 and appoints a new member to the State Compensation Insurance Fund board of directors. And the lucky winner is…
January 12, 2009 

Authorities Say Firm Bilked SCIF out of $20M in Premiums  
Officials say this SoCal staffing firm hid the true nature of what its workers did to reduce its premiums. The carriers, the DA and criminal charges are involved. Details on the damages and potential penalties found right here.
December 9, 2008   

Off-Budget SCIF Employees Furloughed?  
Despite a rebranding campaign to dress up its mission and boost morale, SCIF’s management is not standing up for its employees. SEIU is left to fight alone. Employees may be getting what amounts to lumps of coal in their stockings when the budget is delivered. Premium subscribers can click here to find out about the internal politics.
December 9, 2008   

SCIF: First Open Meeting Reveals Disturbing Ratios  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is taking the first step toward transparency. Some industry experts are disturbed at what they see. Click here to get the details. 
November 24, 2008  

SCIF to Attempt Rebranding Its Tarnished Image  
Trying to recover from tumultuous times including scandals resignations and investigations, State Compensation Insurance Fund is working on a new look and feel.  Trying to convince its employees that change is about, management chooses – well you gotta read this one.
November 20, 2008   

SCIF Files Major Rate Increase  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is filing a sizable rate increase for January. Find out what it is and what it means.
November 13, 2008  

SCIF Goes Green in Vacaville  
State Compensation Insurance Fund is doing its part to help the environment. Premium subscribers can click here to see how State Fund is reducing its carbon footprint...
November 3, 2008  

SCIF Fills New Executive Positions  
Less than a week after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the enacting legislation, State Fund has filled five of the six new exempt executive positions authorized by SB 1145.
October 02, 2008 

Palm Medical Case Gets Costlier For SCIF  
After State Fund was rebuffed at the appellate and Supreme Court levels, a San Francisco Judge took the rare step of ordering the carrier to pay the other side’s attorneys’ fees.
October 02, 2008 

Filing a Public Records Act with SCIF  
When the governor signs SB 1145, it will open a new era of transparency and accountability for the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Find out what the bill allows and what you will not be able to get from a public records act request. 
September 30, 2008 

SCIF Bills Change Things  
When the governor signs SB 1145, it will open a new era of transparency and accountability for the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Find out what the bill allows and what you will not be able to get from a public records act request.
September 29, 2008 

State Fund Responds  
This publication has waged a well-documented campaign to test the State Compensation Insurance Fund's professed commitment to becoming a more transparent organization, a position it has maintained throughout the legislative debate over SB 1145. 
Are things changing at last at this quasi-public agency?
September 10, 2008 

Rate Filing: Data Exclusion Debated, Discussed And Approved  
The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's actuarial committee made the tough call to exclude State Fund's medical loss development data from its pure premium rate calculation. The move buffers the proposed increase, but was that the right call?
September 10, 2008 

Letters To The Editor  
Recent articles on the Division of Workers' Compensation's proposed medical treatment guidelines and the lack of candor by the leadership at the State Fund generated responses from our readership. See what your colleagues are saying 
inside .
September 10, 2008 

Rate Rising -SCIF Data Excluded  
The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau will likely make an amended filing to suggest an even higher increase in the pure premium rate. Find out how high they say it should go and why excluding SCIF's data keeps it from going even higher ...
September 05, 2008 

SB 1145 Heads To The Governor's Desk  
Legislation is heading for the governor's desk that will put SCIF on the path to transparency and accountability. Find out the final details of the legislation and what SCIF can still keep secret.
September 02, 2008 

Readers Respond And Our Publisher Comments  
A recent FLASH Report detailing the current state of transparency at the State Compensation Insurance Fund generated a flurry of responses from readers. 
See what your colleagues and our publisher has to say on the matter.
August 27, 2008 

It's Good When The Truth Gets Out  
More details about the terms and conditions of Janet Frank's contract with the State Compensation Insurance Fund are slowly coming out, but as is typical for State Fund the information is being revealed in a circuitous and piecemeal fashion that fails to give the public the whole picture.
August 26, 2008 

SCIF Hides President's Hiring Bonus  
On the apparent eve of a new, more transparent State Fund, this publication asked a few questions about the terms of employment for its top executive. So just how transparent is the new state fund? Not very. Find out here how much the SCIF Prez is receiving in hiring bonuses and in what state she is a resident. Just click here...
August 19, 2008 

No Class  
What happened to one class action against State Compensation Insurance Fund for its dealings with its safety groups. Will there be different kinds of filings? There are others. Will they survive? Premium subscribers can find out 
here .
August 13, 2008 

Amended SCIF Bill Still Generates Concerns About Transparency  
State Compensation Insurance Fund has proposed language to SB 1145 to address remaining issues of openness. But despite its pronouncements of sunshine, does this bill really make SCIF any more transparent? What does the Legislature think? Should the governor sign this? 
Find out in the current edition of Workers' Comp Executive.
August 13, 2008 

SCIF LAE: In Or Out Of Rates - Let The Commissioner Decide  
Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner rejected the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's methodology last year for computing loss adjustment expense projections. What parts of the data did he reject last year and will it play a role in the Bureau's upcoming rate filing? Bet on it. Premium subscribers can find out a lot about the upcoming rate filing 
right here right now.
August 13, 2008 

FLASH: SCIF Hires Contract Executives
SB 1145 – the bill which would, among other things, allow State Compensation Insurance Fund to hire several executives exempt from civil service is about to pass the legislature. But, as if to ignore and circumvent the legislature, State Fund has already hired at least one of those specific positions and is advertising for others. The hires have been done as contracts and the contracts are not public.
Aug 12, 2008 

SCIF's Board Chair Jeannie Cain's Amazing Tap Dance
Click here to read this story about how Board Chair Jeannie Cain representing the remnants of the Tudor regime at State Fund are tap dancing with a State Senator to prevent reasonable transparency. This story is replete with a movie (parody) showing the actual tap dance. This must be seen to be belived and even then belief is questionable.
Jun 12, 2008

Legislators And Transparency Getting The Runaround
One of two vaunted State Compensation Insurance Fund bills had its hearing before the Assembly Insurance Committee. SB 1145, (Senator Michael Machado (D-Linden)). It passed the committee 8-0. It's had a relatively easy ride through the both houses despite serious flaws in the open meeting provisions that will do little to keep the scandal plagued carrier honest. In fact, the bill as drafted by State Fund Chairperson Jeannie Cain and SCIF's highly paid lobbyist will do more to prevent transparency than to encourage it.
Jun 12, 2008

State Fund Appeals Ruling That It Must Treat Other Businesses Fairly
State Compensation Insurance Fund apparently does not agree with the 1st District Court of Appeal, which ruled that State Fund must treat other business fairly. What is the case? And what do lawyers have to say? And what are the chances? Premium subscribers can  find out in the current edition of Workers' Comp Executive.
May 21, 2008

SCIF To Halt UR For One Of Its MPNs
State Compensation Insurance Fund is looking to improve its approach to utilization review. What changes is the carrier making? Premium subscribers can  find out in the current edition of Workers' Comp Executive.
May 21, 2008 

Duncan Held Hostage In Rules Committee
Department of Industrial Relations John Duncan goes through his confirmation hearing in the Senate Rules Committee. Did he get through unscathed? 
May 8, 2008 

An Interest-ing Question
Should carriers have to pay interest on deposit premiums they hold? Or should policyholders have to pay interest on outstanding premiums? One lawsuit may answer both questions at once.
May 7, 2008  

EXCLUSIVE: Sale of State Fund Under Real Consideration
Workers' Comp Executive has confirmed that proposals are circulating to sell the State Compensation Insurance Fund both because of the storm clouds of scandal covering State Fund and because there is a budget crisis of epic proportion. Both sides of the aisle are seeing billions and billions ...
April 23, 2008

Appeals Court Finds State Fund Must Treat Business Fairly
The California Court of Appeal has ruled that State Compensation Insurance Fund has a duty to treat other businesses fairly. Find out how a case like that got to the Appellate Courts.  Click here.  
Mar 26, 2008

SCIF 2006 Financials Finally Filed
It's nearly a year late, but SCIF finally produced an annual report on its performance in 2006. A year marked by scandal also produced a sharp drop in market share. Get the scoop by clicking here .
Mar 26, 2008

Lawyers Renew Charges Against SCIF, But The Parties Are Talking
State Fund's in-house lawyers have a long-standing beef over the insurer's use of outside attorneys for work they believe is rightfully theirs to perform. A court case is pending, but is the new State Fund leadership bringing about a change in labor-management relations? And if so, will it end the dispute?
Mar 5, 2008

State Fund Sued Again
State Compensation Insurance Fund has found itself on the end of another class action lawsuit. What are the allegations in this case? Click here to get the scoop. 
Jan 29, 2008

Advisory On SCIF Audit  
So many readers have communicated with us asking if or where our coverage of the Commissioner's Audit of SCIF was or what we would be doing that we feel obligated to let our readers know.
 Dec 13, 2007 

Pure Premium Decision Reveals Doubts About SCIF Expenses  
The California Department of Insurance made some unusual moves when rejecting the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's recommendation that pure premiums be raised 5.2%. It removed SCIF's higher than standard loss adjustment expenses from the formula calculating industry-wide LAE. 
Find out why , what effect that had and what the Bureau plans to improve, in the current print edition of Workers' Comp Executive.
Dec 13, 2007 

Former Director Delre Lures Business From State Fund  
There is certainly political intrigue, but is there any dirty dealing as one of SCIF's largest (and discontinued) Group Administrators starts moving its groups out of State Fund to the private market? You decide as you read this whodunit in the latest print edition of Workers' Comp Executive. Who's mad and who's not? Premium subscribers can find out by 
clicking right here right now . Others will have to forego the experience or get it in the print edition.
Nov 21, 2007 

Does State Fund Control Contractor Pure Premium?  
Providence Publications has done a study and concluded that State Fund writes 73% of all insured contractors in California. It therefore could be in a position to control the calculations leading to pure premium, X-Mods and might possibly lead to predatory pricing. Find out what the data says, what could be done to create a more transparent state fund and what Debber thinks the Department, Legislature and policyholders should be able to know. This is clear content so all you have to do is 
click here .....
Nov 21, 2007 

Major Associations Leaving State Fund  
Can California's State Compensation Insurance Fund maintain its decades-old relationships in the face of scandals, investigations and falling prices? Apparently not. Premium subscribers can read candid comments from former clients by 
clicking here .
 Oct 25, 2007 

Did State Fund "Overpay" In Redding Land Deal?  
Something smells a little fishy in Redding and it's emanating from State Compensation Insurance Fund's new regional office. Read this Workers' Comp Executive investigative exclusive: how the government-owned insurer paid an inflated price for 11 acres, how one State Fund board member pushed for the office to be built in his hometown, and where the no-bid contract went. You can read it by clicking here.
 Oct 11, 2007 

Department Of Insurance Delays Publication Of Financial Statement  
The picture of State Fund's financial status won't be known for some time, because the annual report is being held up. Find out why in Workers' Comp Executive, or if you're a premium subscriber by 
clicking here .
 Oct 11, 2007 

Welcome To The Jungle  
On the eve of her taking the helm of State Compensation Insurance Fund, our best wishes go to Janet Frank, former CNA executive tapped by the State Fund board earlier this year to be president....
Sep 26, 2007 

State Fund Drops Its Largest Safety Group  
State Fund has brought the axe down on its largest safety group as the scandal at the insurer depens. Read all about it by clicking here.
Sep 21, 2007 

Status Report Released By State Fund  
State Compensation Insurance Fund has "achieved significant progress in getting the organization back on track," or so says board President Jeanne Cain in a letter. It was sent today to Senator Mike Machado and accompanies a status report on the Fund's internal operations.
Aug 28, 2007 

State Fund In For Three-Pronged Probe  
...of the insurer. The task force includes investigators from the California Department of Insurance, the California Highway Patrol and the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. The task force ...which raised concerns of potential improprieties of former employees." The Highway Patrol, which has been involved in the investigation notes that State ...
Jul 26, 2007 

Where Is The State Fund Report?  
State Compensation Insurance Fund's internal review report was expected to drop in June -- why has since been delayed?
Jul 6, 2007 

SCIF's Charles Savage Canned  
In what can be called not a hugely unexpected turn of events for those watching the situation at scandal plagued State Compensation Insurance Fund, Charles Savage has been terminated as Vice President for Legal. He is the most recent to go. He has accepted a lesser job at the carrier.
May 23, 2007 

SCIF Governance Proposal  
Last week the Workers' Comp Executive in its print edition published a commentary by our publisher Dale Debber along with a draft proposal – with the legal language as a starting place for the discussion.
Apr 2, 2007 

State Fund Group Administrators Paid $500 Million  
State Compensation Insurance Fund has paid out more than $500 milllion in fees to its administrators, payments the company wont' disclose. That is the tip of the iceberg in this saga of the vast amounts of money involved in these programs that led to the firing of State Fund's president, Jim Tudor.
March 28, 2007 

Senate To Hold Investigative Hearing Into Continuing State Compensation Insurance Fund Scandal  
Senate To Hold Investigative Hearing Into Continuing State Compensation Insurance Fund Scandal Senate To Hold Investigative Hearing Into Continuing State Compensation Insurance Fund Scandal Against a backdrop ...possible criminal investigation into State Compensation Insurance Fund, the State Senate is about to hold hearings to look into the continuing scandal. An investigative hearing has been called for Wednesday by Sen. Michael Machado (D-Linden) at the request of Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata (D-Oakland). In addition, Perata replaced his appointee to State Fund's Board. The hearing may be abridged somewhat because if, in fact, there is ...
March 23, 2007 

Tudor Shown the Door After Internal Investigation  
State Compensation Insurance Fund's board of directors, at the onset of what promises to become a bigger scandal, has fired the insurer's president, Jim C. Tudor, and his long-time ally Renee Koren. She was vice president of group insurance programs. The firings come on the heels of an internal investigation ordered by the governor's office. An interim president has been appointed from the outside.
March 21, 2007 

State Fund Tea Party Boils Over  
The resignations of two members of State Compensation Insurance Fund's board of directors last month, presumably at the behest of the governor's office over concerns of possible conflict of interest, were an initial peek into the Wonderland of State Compensation Insurance Fund safety groups. The resignations from the state's largest writer of workers' comp are just the tip of the iceberg. Big dollars and small services, political influence and incestuous insiders, are what this story is about. But it's turning into a lot more nightmare than fairy tale.
Dec 6, 2006 

Forward-Looking Statement  
...involving the governor and the Insurance Commissioner in the event SCIF became financially impaired. The legislation successfully resolved ongoing litigation between the commissioner and SCIF over the scope of the commissioner's oversight of the fund. In addition, despite strenuous lobbying against it by SCIF management and its paid lobbyists, Senate Bill 1452 (Speier) clarified ...the ability of the state auditor to conduct reviews of SCIF and determine whether it is meeting its statutory mandate. Imagine ...
Dec 6, 2006 

Potential Conflict: Two SCIF Directors Out  
Two of five State Compensation Insurance Fund Directors have resigned because of potential conflicts of interest first exposed by Workers' Comp Executive. Read the inside story here.
Nov 16, 2006 

SCIF Transparency Bill Signed  
The bill bringing more transparency to State Compensation Insurance Fund, SB 1452, authored by Sen. Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo), has been signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, the Workers' Compensation Executive has learned. State Fund tried hard to kill the bill.
Sep 25, 2006 

Workers' Comp Law Nails Small Roofers  
Who has California small-business owners' interests at heart? Not politicians, certainly not State Compensation Insurance Fund. And not even Governor Schwarzenegger, apparently, who signed a bill that threatens to put one-man roofing companies out of business. And it could set a precedent affecting all other small business. Is it good intentions gone awry, or simply larger special interests disposing of competition?
Sep 21, 2006 

Tudor Appointed SCIF President  
After a really long search, State Compensation Insurance Fund gets the same old president. But is he the best man for the job? Read all about the continuing controversy.
Sep 21, 2006 

SCIF Plans 20% Commission Hike For Group Business  
State Compensation Insurance Fund management is asking its board to increase commissions on its workers' comp group business, but in so doing has it created conflicts of interest on its board? Is the timing a Machiavellian scheme to increase support for the candidacy of its interim president to help him win the permanent position? Is State Fund failing to release statements of economic interest? Find out in the current print edition of 
Workers' Comp Executive.
Sep 7, 2006 

Political Deal Confirms SCIF's Litigation Loss To Insurance Department  
Proposed legislative language might finally end the acrimonious legal battle between State Compensation Insurance Fund and the California Department of Insurance. But it's not final yet. Is this the best SCIF could hope for? What legislative glitches still need to be worked out and what provisions are causing concern for the industry? Find out in the current print edition of Workers' Comp Executive.
Aug 24, 2006 

Committee Emasculates SCIF  
The Senate Banking, Finance and Insurance Committee today passed an Assembly bill with amendments that strip State Compensation Insurance Fund of its enhanced investment authority and give the governor greater leeway to remove the State Fund president. Jim Tudor, acting president of the quasi-governmental insurer, told the committee today that SCIF would respond to the amendments by dropping its lawsuit against the California Department of Insurance, a case State Fund has spent $1.8 million litigating.
Aug 23, 2006 

SCIF To Get Favorable Legislation  
Legislation is being amended to allow the California Commissioner certain regulatory authority over State Fund but disallows conservation. Still, controversial issues have arisen.
Aug 16, 2006 

SCIF Management "Arrogant" Says Speier  
"Either they have too much money to spend, or they have something to hide," says Jackie Speier about the management of the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF). Speier lambasted management for hiring a contract lobbyist to kill her good government bill. SB 1452 will, if passed, subject SCIF to the same standards as other state and publicly created entities. She went on to say hiring a lobbyist is deceitful and in violation of the public trust.
Aug 9, 2006 

SCIF Tries To Avoid Transparency Again  
State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) is trying to kill a good-government bill that affirmatively permits the State Auditor to audit State Fund! State Fund has been so recalcitrant over the past several years that the Auditor's office has had to go to the legislature and ask for an affirmative bill to permit its audits. And SCIF is fighting it all the way home.
Aug 7, 2006 

Garamendi Delighted to See New SCIF Board  
Garamendi applauds the appointment of Jeanne Caine as chairman of State Fund's board, as well as the appointments of Kent Dagg and Vincent Mudd as board members.  
July 6, 2006 

State Fund employees demonstrate in front of its home office protesting lack of vacations, low pay and other working conditions.
Mar 15, 2006

20,000 Builders Form Group to Cut W/C Costs    
Read about how 20,000 builders formed the Golden State Builders Exchange safety group with State Fund in an effort to shave their costs.
February 19, 1996


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